Huunger Fight
Several hundred volunteers representing businesses, retailers, churches and community groups joined us last November for our Annual Thanksgiving Community Outreach Event.

Dated March 23, 2020


The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting our country in ways we have never faced before. Hunger Fight has responded by distributing additional meal packs to children in our schools, to senior centers and to our partners so they will continue to have meals to eat over the weekend. We are in contact with our school partners to ensure that children who were receiving Hunger Fight meals will continue to do so.

We rely heavily on volunteers to pack the meals needed for distribution through meal packing events in the community and in our warehouse. However, in an abundance of caution and in compliance with governmental recommendations, we will be postponing all packing events until further notice. Once we are authorized to again begin packing, we will desperately need volunteers to help pack meals for distribution and we will encourage community volunteers and businesses to sign up to help at that time.  Please check back frequently and watch for the opportunity to volunteer.

At this time, our inventory of food is quickly being depleted. We have enough on hand to meet our immediate needs, but will require urgent financial support to purchase raw materials to replenish our inventories, enabling us to continue providing children food for the balance of the school year and to summer programs we support.  If you want to make a donation, please call 904-374-5623 or CLICK HERE.  Every dollar will produce a 4-serving, shelf-stable meal pack for families at risk for hunger.


For many who volunteer, working a Hunger Fight meal packing event is an entirely new and different experience. Why? Because our volunteers are putting together healthy meals made from new ingredients! 

Working to music and ringing bells for each new case produced, motivated teams of corporate, faith-based or community group volunteers can fill and package tens of thousands of meals in just two-and-a half hours. Our tables of ten work assembly-line style with macaroni, rice, beans, oats, soy, brown sugar, vitamin-enriched seasonings and our special cheese blend to prepare Hunger Fight’s Cheezy Mac and Beans N Rice family dinner meals and our delicious Brown Sugar Oatmeal breakfast.


Hunger Fight

Each of the table positions are given a singular task to do (scoop the seasoning; seal the bag, pack the box, etc.) in assembling the ingredients to make, fill, seal and produce cases of Hunger Fight breakfast and dinner meals.

With tables competing to see who will ring the bell the most times, these events are team-building and fulfilling!

← TOTE MARITIME employees packing meals for families in Puerto Rico devastated by hurricane Maria in 2017