Our 2018 5th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach Packing Event

WOW, is the first word that comes to mind when describing this years Thanksgiving packing event. We had so many amazing companies join us and we’re so grateful for all the employees that came out on their own free time to help make this event such a success.

Just look what some of the companies had to say:

Pratt Guys
Fight Hunger with 588 Bags of brown sugar oatmeal, amongst of room of hundreds at Hunger Fight, Reach out and Feed Someone, preparing shelf-stable meals for children and families who live daily with hunger. Read their blog post here - https://prattguys.com/the-pratt-post/hungerfight2018?fbclid=IwAR3O7BUtohA6Gh7vqWt2H858kTphJ-KLTLwzPBKzeB_wOR_Rm6siAjInBaA

“Many of our RF-SMART employees volunteered at Hunger Fight, Reach out and Feed Someone. There have been 5,875,632 meals packed to date and we are proud to say that we contributed to that number.”  

“We had a great time Saturday at the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Community Outreach Packing Event hosted by Hunger Fight, Reach out and Feed Someone! It was a pleasure helping out an amazing organization.”  

Jax Federal Credit Union
“I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had packing meals of Friday and Saturday. My whole team has said how much they enjoyed it and would love to do it again. We are also very interested in participating in the Hunger Fight Games in April.”

288,624 Meals Were Packed & 11,520 Books Raised for Preschoolers

It’s amazing just how many children will go home with a meal each weekend because of the hearts of companies and their employees.  

All of these meals will go back into our community. Some of the companies chose where they’d like the meals they packaged go and others asked that it go to where ever it’s needed most.

We Can Change All of Jacksonville With Just This Shift in Focus

This past year we have taken great interest in the Raines and Ribault areas of Jacksonville, as it is one of the most affected areas. We believe that if we can help change this are of town we can make a huge difference in all of Jacksonville.

We’ve also added a literacy program which will provide children from the ages of 0-5 years old with an age appropriate book every single month. This is going to be simply amazing for so many reasons. Not only will the children get to build their very own library of books and get a head start with school, but the parents will also have an opportunity to learn to read as well.

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