Over 44,000 Meals For Clay County

You may be shocked to hear this but, Clay County has a major problem with food insecurity. Thousands of children go home from school every Friday to a house with limited to NO food. We don’t want to think about it, and we certainly don’t want to believe this is possible in our own country, in our own community, but it’s TRUE. Can you imagine?

Something AMAZING happens when understanding and compassion come together - CHANGE!

Hunger Fight recently hosted it's 4th Annual Clay County Community Outreach Event. 12 companies, their employees and a group of volunteers gathered together to package over 44,000 meals for elementary students in Clay County. Not only did everyone have a fun, the young children who helped learned about the growing issues children face in our community. They also uncovered the solution and learned compassion.

Isn’t this amazing!

Here you can see the excitement they had: