Avoya Travel hosted it's Annual Leaders Conference at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, FL with a goal of making a difference in the local community before they disperse back home all across the country. Avoya's Corporate office decided to partner with Hunger Fight with the local community in mind. They decided to host a 75,000 meal packing event and distribute these meals to over 20 area food panties and food banks. With over 450 volunteers participating it made for an amazing day. Heather Hoffman states, "This was a tremendous event, we had so many positive feedback about this event. It was great partnership, we had an amazing time working with Hunger Fight."

Christ United Methodist Church hosted is 3rd Annual packing event to provide meals for Blessing in a Backpack to service area schools in the Atlantic/Neptune Beach area.

Episcopal School of Jacksonville hosts it's 2nd Annual packing event during their "Celebrating Service Day"

Today over 275 middle school students participated in Episcopals 2nd Annual packing event during their "Celebrating Service Day." As Rev. Teresa Seagal stated, "They are just trying to serve others. We think by giving the kids an opportunity to serve others in different ways then they will just have a heart for it and continue on with a life long experience." Their hope is to change the lives of our future leaders so they to continue to give as they move on in life.  

This year the school raised their goal from 10,000 meals last year to 30,000 meals this year.

St. Vincent's HealthCare is helping to end the fight against hunger, by providing meals for families throughout the community. On Wednesday, March 30th the hospital prepared 40,000 meals for families in need. St. Vincent's said it's part of the health system's continuing Mission of serving the poor and vulnerable. The meals were prepared at all three medical centers in the city in collaboration with Hunger Fight, which is a local charity dedicated to reducing the number of hungry local children and families.

The meals will be given to local charities throughout Jacksonville that will distribute them to the families.

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