Our Story

Struck by the number of children in North Florida who live with hunger each day, Sherri Porter founded Hunger Fight in 2012. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, we’re a 501(C)3 non-profit agency. Our story began with a small team of people producing and distributing shelf-stable, flavorful, nutritious meals to those at risk for hunger in our community.

After discussions with teachers and administrators over the past several years, our non-profit organization developed two programs that offer Food for Their Bellies and Books for Their Brains. These programs address two of the most important issues that impact the success of children in school: hunger and illiteracy.

Our Feed the Backpacks program provides weekend nutrition for elementary-aged children on the Federal Free and Reduced Meal plan. These children receive food at school, but may be at risk for hunger over the weekend. The Feed the Need to Read program focuses on emergent literacy skills in children from birth to five years and provides age-appropriate books to children each month.


Hunger Fight works with businesses, foundations, and community groups to host packing events, as well as thousands of volunteers who work together to pack meals.

In 2020 alone…

Hunger Fight also responds to the hunger needs of other populations in our community, including seniors and those affected by natural disasters.

Our meals are delivered in a four serving package that offers serving suggestions in both English and multiple languages. Each meal can be supplemented with meat, vegetables, chicken, or fish to meet cultural and taste preferences.

Interested in learning more about these meals? Read more about the food prep instructions below!


To end hunger and illiteracy through the provision of nutritious meals to children, seniors, and families in need and age-appropriate books to preschoolers by engaging communities and mobilizing partners.


All children and families will have access to food, books, and the tools necessary to achieve success in future endeavors.

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Together, we can end hunger and illiteracy for local children.